View Online Content and Get Rewarded with Cryptocurrency on FreeFaucet Website

– advertisers can cut out intermediaries and engage directly with vast crypto audience –, from Online Blockchain plc (LSE:OBC), has launched ‘impression faucets’ – a pioneering type of cryptocurrency faucet.  

Impression faucets enable anyone to reach FreeFaucet’s extensive crypto-focussed user base and reward them with Bitcoin in return for viewing their content. Users of  – which has some of the highest paying faucets on the net – can claim the free crypto just by engaging with the featured projects for 10 seconds and confirming the interaction. With one click the Bitcoin is sent straight to the person’s online wallet.


Registered users can claim up to 100 Satoshi per impression faucet every 12 hours. They can also claim multiple times per day from a number of other innovative crypto faucets available via the site including Geofaucets and External Webfaucets. A full list can be found here. Over half a million faucet claims have been made on FreeFaucet since its beta launch in May 2019. 

A disruptor to traditional online advertising intermediaries, which take a significant cut, impression faucets allow content creators to pay the person viewing their content directly. Advertisers are assured that the audience is human due to FreeFaucet’s highly robust anti-botting system, which requires users to verify their account via a gesture verification system. 

“Impression faucets are the next big thing in advertising,” said Clem Chambers, CEO of Online Blockchain plc. “Online Blockchain plc is already the UK’s leading listed blockchain company with crypto applications and is its first product to break out into a broad audience. We’re very excited by the growth and potential growth of the FreeFaucet website; impression faucets will be a disruptor in advertising, one of the biggest industries there is.”

 Other currencies will be available to claim via impression faucets in the near future. Anyone wishing to advertise their project can create an impression faucet by visiting:

– ends –


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About Online Blockchain plc (LSE: OBC)

Online Blockchain ( is a UK-based incubator and developer of businesses in internet and information-based technologies, including developers, administrators and custodians of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. The Company created ADVFN and today still has a holding of 17.98% in ADVFN plc.

Online Blockchain plc continues to consider new related opportunities and particularly crypto currencies and blockchain-based opportunities including incubating cryptocurrency start-ups and developing technical innovation in the blockchain space. Led by a team with over two decades of pioneering in tech, Online Blockchain focuses on innovation in cryptocurrency and decentralised ecosystems via various applications of blockchain: incubating cryptocurrency start-ups and developing technical innovation in the blockchain space.

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