Spend.com President Bryan Woods Joins Advisory Board of Particl, a Decentralized eCommerce Marketplace

Mr. Woods Will Recommend the Best Blockchain Integrations that Will Increase Transactions on the Particl Network

NEW YORK, NY — November 18, 2019 —  Today Particl.io, the leading decentralized eCommerce marketplace, announced Spend President Bryan Woods has joined its advisory board. Woods is a veteran with more than 18 years of experience in the technical and payment industries. He brings extensive expertise and reach within the retail and consumer markets.

On one hand, Mr. Woods will advise Particl on the opportunities to disrupt the fintech industry that are currently being opened up by distributed ledger technology and how best to seize them. In addition, Woods will actively work on realizing these opportunities by tapping right into his vast network of merchants and businesses and connect them with Particl for its world-class technologies and decentralized services.

Many businesses, like tech companies operating outside the cryptocurrency industry but actively looking to modernize and optimize their business flow, can benefit from Particl’s breadth of decentralized services. For example, a business may simply want to accept cryptocurrency payments, but another may also need to transfer data securely and privately, without third-party custody of the data. In that case, they could use Particl’s peer-to-peer data storage network called SMSG and integrate it into their business.

Online retailers, who constantly need to lower their costs while keeping the privacy and security of their data in check may want to sell products on Particl’s decentralized and private-by-default marketplace. Other companies may only have a need for Particl’s double deposit escrow system to keep certain parties in check with each other.

“Through his many years working right in the heart of the payment industry, Bryan has developed lasting relationships with many businesses who are currently looking for ways to implement distributed technologies in order to better protect their revenues and decrease their costs” said Gerlof van Ek, Co-Founder at Particl. “Bryan will be working closely with Particl to advise on the exact needs and requirements of these companies and actively help onboarding them with Particl’s wide array of decentralized services.”

Through these new blockchain integrations, an increased number of transactions is expected to occur on the native Particl blockchain, providing the entire network and its various applications (i.e. Particl’s decentralized marketplace) with more privacy, liquidity, and stability. Such integrations will demonstrate that, with a bit of creativity, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies can offer very practical and disruptive solutions to some of the most pressing issues present within the traditional banking, payment, and eCommerce systems.

About Bryan Woods 

Bryan has more than 18 years of experience in the technical and payment industries. His extensive expertise illustrates concentration with payment program portfolios as well as managing sizable, multifaceted development projects. His career began in web development for both Retail and Consumer Markets. His continued dedication to Customer Service in the technical and payments industries evolved into various Leadership positions such as the Director of Card Services overseeing programs in both US and Canada. Bryan has a vast understanding of financial services strategies and is passionate in bridging the variance between distributed ledger technology and traditional banking.

About Particl

Particl is a privacy-focused, open source project building software on the blockchain. It is composed of a privacy coin capable of untraceable/unlinkable transactions, a private, decentralized online marketplace where anyone can buy and sell goods and services for cryptocurrencies without leaving a trace, and a full platform on which various applications, tools, and services can be built, integrated and interacted with. Particl is set to release a software development kit in 2020 to facilitate even more the integration of its many decentralized services.

Particl uses a double deposit escrow system based on the MAD game-theory. Each party adds collateral (PART coins) into a smart-contract which is released back to both users, without any fee, once they both agree the transaction is complete. This is scalable, requires no staff and ensures a mutually satisfying transaction.

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